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You will check in with the front desk first thing after arriving at our dental office. If you have not already filled out the necessary paperwork found on our webpage under Forms, it will be given to you at this time. Once the preliminary paperwork is completed, you will simply wait to be called back to the treatment area. During the appointment, we will perform a standard checkup and cleaning while asking you about potential needs or dental concerns. At the end of the visit, we will schedule any additional procedures that you might need based on our examination.

New Patient Forms

If you fill out your paperwork ahead of time, there will not be any wait time once you get to our dental office, and we will be able to get through the appointment more efficiently. Click the link below to print and fill out the necessary forms, then bring them with you on the day of your visit. These forms are absolutely essential during the initial checkup; they tell us about your dental history and about any health conditions that could affect the viability of the treatments we recommend.

Want to get a head start? Fill out the new patient forms below.

Patient Portal

When you are ready to pay for your treatment, you can simply use our convenient patient portal. You can make the necessary payments from the comfort of your own home. Our portal is extremely secure, so you do not have to worry about your financial information or health information being lost or stolen. Click the link below to access the portal. Remember that you can always call us if you have a question about the process or if you are not sure how to proceed.

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Castle Lake Dental Cosmetic Veneers Family Emergency of Lewisville & Carrollton


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We’re Looking Forward
to Your Visit

If you have decided to schedule an appointment with us, the process starts right here! After you fill out the form below and submit it, our team will review it and come up with some appointment times that could fit into your schedule. We will get in touch with you to iron out the details of your visit within a day or so. Of course, you might end up needing to change your appointment time later, so know that you can always call us for help.