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No Dental Insurance? Why It's Important For Us To Offer Membership Plans.

Updated: May 29

Dental room with dental tools
Dental Equipment

In a recent report it states that around 68.5 million adults in the United States do not have dental insurance. That number continues to rise as dental coverage is lost due to the new year. So, what happens to the oral health of those uninsured?

Often times people will opt-out of routine checkups and treatment needed because they are not sure how they will be able to afford it. People are willing to deal with tooth ache or pain because there are zero to little resources out there for families to get the help that they deserve.

There are multiple reasons why prolonging oral care can be more damaging than many realize. The cost of treatment can rise over time due to a deeper cleaning or more extensive work that may need to be completed.

At Castle Lake Dental we understand that many new patients may not have dental insurance and this is why we offer memberships for the whole family.

The silver program is best for those with no treatment needed.
Silver Program

Gold program offers 10% off treatment. Excluding cosmetic and orthodontic treatment.
Gold Program

The Platinum Program offers the most savings for those with extensive treatment needed.
Platinum Program

Our top mission and priority at Castle Lake Dental is to make sure our patients and new patients know that their oral health is incredibly important. We understand that there are many difficulties and obstacles that could keep someone uninsured, but we offer our patients the peace knowing that they can be treated and taken care of with no dental insurance.

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